Chiara Baroni-HarrisonMi chiamo Chiara Baroni-Harrison, I come from the enchanting hills of Northern Italy surrounding Asolo, famous for its idyllic landscapes, historical trails and Palladian villas as well as for its Prosecco and many fine wines and produce.

I have an Honours Degree in Languages and Literature with a teaching qualification and have been an  Italian tutor for over twenty years, working mainly in adult education. I have always had a passion for teaching, I enjoy the interaction and thrive of the many challenges my job offers.

Teaching also gives me the opportunity to be an ambassador of my language and culture. My lessons therefore encompass more than just grammar and vocabulary, they embrace all that is Italy and the Italians; the culture, the people and their ways. This makes learning the language more relevant and enjoyable and the experience more memorable. I have found in this way that I have been able to engage with my students so that they have exceeded their expectations  and made the learning experience much more personal.

Be prepared to work hard, of course, but above all to have a good time. Learning through fun is a very effective way of breaking down barriers and fears and allows you to learn without that scary feeling that you have gone back to school.

“Chiara’s classes are informal, fun and informative, a perfect atmosphere when you are beginning to learn Italian.”

Daniella Broadberry

“I joined Chiara’ s classes in Sept 2016 as an absolute novice ( aged 68) I am now entering my 4th year. Chiara sets a friendly environment and provides lots on encouragement when setting  group activities. Her explanations of Italian grammar and the correct usage makes writing and conversation so much easier. I particularly  like the Italian board games, because  that  adds fun to my learning. The use of visuals is excellent, and I like the the short films on screen this helps greatly with pronunciation of Italian words. I am now convinced age is no barrier to learning a foreign language.”
Barry Fisher

“From the very first lesson, Italian came to life. Learning Italian with Chiara has been fun, imaginative and hugely rewarding. Classes are never dull and each week brings something new – not just a new language but a chance to discover the culture and regional customs of Italy. I’ve loved the warmth and informality of her classes, never intimidating and a place to make progress amongst students who quickly become friends.”

Linda Lee

Chiara is an inspirational language teacher. (…) She uses a topic approach which teaches us to communicate in everyday situations.   She sets homework and revisits vocabulary regularly so that it is embedded magically without us slogging away learning by rote at home.  She is always available to answer queries, organises social activities for her groups, suggests films to watch  and posts interesting material on her Facebook page.”

Sharon Hodges

“A very friendly environment for learning. There is no rush, and things are explained slowly and often so you can grasp it with ease. Highly recommended”

Phil Hurst

I worked at Italian on my own for many years, but felt I needed a teacher to make real improvement. I was delighted to find Chiara.  She has so much enthusiasm, and such variety in her methods of approach, and her encouragement is very stimulating. Our lessons are always fun. We learn about Italy as much as we learn the language, and we have enjoyed detailed studies of certain provinces, looking at the economy, the customs, the festivals, and especially the food! It has been very satisfying to move on from material designed for learners to reading and listening to “real Italian”.

Anne Mathews